Stripes for Dogs


The original business grew out of my love for a little black and white lady from a dog shelter. She was my constant companion during some very tough times. I had Jess for around fifteen years and for five of those years it was just the two of us so we took care of each other.

One Christmas I was given a small recipe book of dog treats, so I set about making some for my sweet girl. She loved the treats I’d made but they caused her to come out in a horrible rash; it turned out that she was allergic to wheat gluten and I now know this is not uncommon in dogs. Some gluten free flour was found and we tried again... Success!

Stripes has evolved from that first company formed to sell the treats that Jess loved. It has gone one step further and now all ingredients, where possible, are organic and the range is launching as a kinder, vegan approach to dog treating.

Four happy, much loved, Romanian rescue dogs now fill my house and heart and they fall over each other to get to their treats. I hope your dogs will enjoy them as much as mine do and may they live long and happy lives with their favourite humans, just like Jess did. 

Stripes for dogs is registered with Kent County Council as a manufacturer of petfoods. Registration no: GB 178 093035


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